Kilbirnie Travel offers advanced travel products and solutions Kilbirnie Travel is a New Zealand company delivering advanced travel products and services handpicked from reputed suppliers. Our services are used mainly by the leisure travellers, which places immense demands on, precision and service quality.

Our operations encompass three business areas – Outbound travel, inbound travel and General Sales Products. All business areas share a common goal; to continuously deliver new, customised high-precision solutions based on a customer’s travel requirements.

Need analysis is a key word for us at Kilbirnie Travel. It encompasses all we strive towards, from the actual travel products we sell to the end result achieved by our customers’ satisfaction. Kilbirnie Travel focuses on the customer being successful in business demands total focus. We know our customers money and time and travel aspirations are important element in their lives and we must deliver on their goals, often under extreme time pressure, without being distracted by day-to-day decision making problems.

All of us working for Kilbirnie Travel strive to contribute to easing the decision making process by listening to our customers’ needs, and thereby delivering precise travel solutions and service with unbeatable quality. All our employees and contractors strive to work in close partnership with customers to continuously demonstrate Kilbirnie Travel is a trustworthy partner, today and long into tomorrow. Kilbirnie Travel has high ambitions Our vision at Kilbirnie Travel is to rank among the absolute best within each of our business areas. And we want to be ranked as leaders in providing solutions for travel needs.

How are we achieving that vision?

For us, it is all about living up to our core values and making our business strategy happen!

Our guiding values embrace our desire to continuously improve, as well as our commitment, listening to customer needs, and being able to deliver. Our strategy is about providing ever better solutions and investing in new technology, involving our employees/contractors and encouraging cross-functional collaboration. It is also very much about sharing our knowledge with customers – and joining with them to explore new grounds. Shared culture and way of working our cross-functional teams work seamlessly across the organization when it comes to serving customers. This constant striving towards improvement opens new opportunities and solutions to issues that are more rapidly identified and disseminated throughout the company. Ongoing global and local growth Our position in the marketplace has strengthened considerably during the past years.. In order to deliver maximized customer service, we integrate all our units and colleagues into our organization.

At the same time, we will continue to pursue continual relationship building with quality suppliers, improvement of existing products, dynamic packaging and growing our total service offering to customers. Additionally, Kilbirnie Travel will be strengthened locally with enrolling individuals to offer total reach to our served market in New Zealand.

In other words – each and everyone within Kilbirnie Travel is going to work fully in line with our shared vision: to be viewed as the leader – and be the undisputed leader – in precision customers’ need analysis and precise offering of travel solutions.